some things.

1. i've been eating grapefruit every day, i just can't get enough. my grapefruit of choice is the organic honeygold from texas, they grow 'em good. also, i prefer to peel them and eat them like an orange rather than cutting in half & eating with a spoon. how do you eat grapefruit?
2. i've also been eating my fair share of chickpeas, annie got me hooked! we roast them, smoosh them, soup them and turn them into salads like this one. baby spinach, celery, purple onion, fresh squeezed lemon, black pepper and sea salt. it's quite delicious, though i cannot wait to swap the celery for cucmber. i am aching for cucumber to be back in season, i miss it so.
3. due to inclement weather we have been spending a great deal of time in our kitchen, mostly baking and inventing new soup recipes. (you've got to love soup if you live here, it's a must for rainy weather) we like our kitchen and being in it, cooking/baking is fun and there are lots of little friends hanging around.
4. i showed sweet d some multiplication tricks, she's been pretty into math lately. she's got sneaky ways of turning just about anything into a math problem. it's a special thing to see your kiddos find genuine interest in things all on their own, to watch them learn and figure new things out. we are unschoolers  and i'm just realizing that i don't really talk about that topic here, so if you don't know me in person now you know.
5. i can't figure out why our weather keeps doing this. don't be fooled by how pretty it is, it's weird. pacific northwest weather has been so confusing this year, changing from sun to rain to snow and back all in a single day. the other day we were driving to eugene and somewhere along I-5, south of portland, it hailed for less than 2 seconds. no joke! oh, and then a few miles later the wind was blowing so hard it was actually slowing our car down, it's crazy! okay, it just started snowing... you can't make this stuff up.


  1. Funny how food is so interconnected with the weather, I love it. I had never heard of unschooling before, I had to look it up and it sounds very interesting. I will definitely read more about that soon!

  2. Love you food and tidbits of life!
    What exactly is unschooling? Kinda like homeschooling?

    1. Thank you! Unschooling is closer to homeschooling than it is to traditional schooling but still rather different. We don't follow a particular curriculum or participate in standardized testing, my girls are learning at their own pace through daily life & experiences. For us it's really centered around nurturing their interests, curiosities & creativity and watching that naturally transform into learning. No one has to learn a certain skill/subject by a certain age or time, no one is made to sit through lessons, we just know and trust that humans are born craving/seeking out knowledge/information and will continue to do so as long as the natural learning process isn't interrupted, as long as we don't forget how to learn naturally and love learning. It's been nothing short of amazing watching my girls figure things out without having ever been forced to learn them and become the clever, self-directed, brilliant little creatures that they are.

  3. 1. I've been obsessing over grapefruit too, only I don't peel mine.
    2. Chickpeas are definitely my pantry staple.
    3. I've been having a massive soup experimenting phase ever since fall began and I've been stuck indoors. Perfect for the rainy Seattle weather!

    1. well we would get along splendidly! :)

  4. Great photos!

    Here in humid St. Louis, soup is also a good dish to make in the summer since you don't have to turn on the oven.


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