packing & distractions.


{1} i started the packing (progress!) but then i realized the tape i had was rubbish (not progress!) so i made a trip to the nearby hardware store (working toward progress) {2} where i made a new friend (distracted) {3} good tape vs bad tape, visual proof (distracted) back to packing and cleaning up as i go (progress!) wanna know something about packing and cleaning? it's kind of boring or at least monotonous... which is really just a fancy way of saying boring. {4} but labeling my cabinets with talking sticky notes makes it just a little more fun! (distracted again) {5} back to packing; this is one of my favorite things, a bunny wall-mount bottle opener. (progress) the kitchen packing is coming along quite nicely. hope i don't pack up anything we need in the next 3 days! {6} and lastly, what's packing without a mimosa or two?! this also makes it just a little more fun :)

i'm a little all over the place... i'm pretty sure this is how i always am. let's hope it makes me more, um... interesting!

the 4 little photos at the bottom there are sneak peeks of the new place. {1} the kitchen counter tops {2} this is what all the doorknobs look like!! {3} so much pretty tile in the upstairs bathroom {4} one of two built-in cabinets in the dining room. there is a lot of pretty in this place and i cannot wait to get settled in! just a few more days... and in the mean time, more packing & distractions.


  1. EEEEEEEE!!!!! The new place looks so adorable!!!!!

  2. I didnt think it was possible to find a place as perfect as the place you are leaving...BUT YOU DID!!!!! Congratulations on your fabulous good fortune and your pretty pretty face!!



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