master procrastinator.

it's a mess around here. big time. we've got packing and new house finding and grocery shopping and laundry to do... but instead we're playing dress up and the squirrels are making me up worthy of a rupaul's drag race runway challenge. we'll get to that other stuff... later.

speaking of messes, i'd bet these kiddos of mine could out mess just about anyone, they're like tiny blonde haired tornados every day, all the time. good thing they're cute and funny.


  1. oh so true. procrastination grew to new heights when the internet came around.

    me: "blogging is work! I don't need to sweep the kitchen cause I'm blogging!"

  2. That picture is so cute. I wish i was sitting in that same place this morning. Looks delightful! And I can relate... i'm the queen of procrastination. : )

  3. let's be co-queens and embrace it! procrastinating is for winners, haha :)


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