... was my last day as a twenty eight year old.
i realized that i'd grown rather attached to being twenty eight.
i haven't quite decided how i feel about being twenty nine, yet.

we spent most of the day cleaning house and doing laundry in prep for a
showing that they scheduled first thing tomorrow morning. rude!

but tonight, we saved the day with a sarah's favorite food date. we have the best ideas!

first, my favorite veggie tacos in the whole wide world, from por qué no.
and get this, they told me i was lucky i made it in this week because it's the last week
that they'll be making these tacos!! phew! that was a close one.

after dinner we had dessert at ruby jewel.
i don't even like ice cream folks, but these guys make magic and put it in a fresh waffle cone.
the girl who scooped mine, must've been able to sense that my birthday was near because i ordered
a double scoop, and she handed me this 7 scooper and said "sometimes you just gotta go for it!" 

i love her.


it was a good day.


  1. THIS was a good day for sure! SO glad you had a fun night.
    (and thanks again for hanging with livi for a bit. I'm glad you still had time to paint the town red!)

  2. Happy Birthday! I can still remember that age....well, sort of... :)


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