pretty hair.

by complete accident my hair ended up looking quite pretty today.
it was one of those, just throw it all up as quickly as possible without even looking
because the "do" you were going for really didn't work out and you're already 5 minutes 
late getting out the door, sorta things. not bad, eh?!

the third photo is truest to the colors, the others were just too pretty to not include.

p.s. tonight we are going to see the grateful dead movie and i'm so excited!!


  1. Pretty hair, indeed! I LOVE happenstance good hair days! Have fun at the movie!

  2. grateful dead movie!!!!! Jealous!... where is it showing?

    Oh so pretty up do sare!

  3. thank you sweet ladies!

    rach, the movie was last night at the loyd center theater. it was a one day only movie event and it was AMAZING!!

  4. How awesome!!!! Trent would have loved that too!!! If you notice that they do a repeat showing in the next few months let me know... cause i'm apparently oblivious to anything outside my house these days. ; )


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