oops, i forgot to mention...

... i finished smelly's birthday knit last sunday.
not in time for her party sad to say, i bit off a little more than i could chew
with her cake and other party preparations.

but it's hers now and she loves it!
here are a few squirmy,
i don't want my photo taken i want to get back to playing dress-up with delaney
photos. better photos and pattern info to come.

{click images to view larger}

i also knit a rug and it's my new most favorite ever rug!

i started with a vintage bed sheet, cut it into a *trillion strips, connected the strips & made a
giant ball of torn fabric "yarn"


then i followed this pattern.
it was quick and simple. my only complaint is that i had to take a break after each section
because my wee hands would start to ache and cramp from the weight of the fabric and size of the needles.
all that is forgotten now that i have my most favorite ever rug!

*i'm sure it wasn't actually a trillion strips, but it was a lot!

happy earth day.


  1. It looks so adorable on her! : ) Great job... and loving the rug too!

    I've had wool strips i acquired for cheap from Scrap with the intention the braid and twist in to a rug and still haven't done that... you've inspired me to get that project back out. Love the colors in that fabric of your rug... looks so great against the checkered floor!!

  2. As always... I'm very impressed! You must teach me how to make the rug when you come out in LESS than 3 weeks!! I love your tiny little face!

    Your mamma

  3. the rug so reminds me of the braided rugs my grandmother used to make out of all our old clothes! love it a lot and omg i LOVE the birthday swesater i would wear that and when you finish the pattern i will!

  4. Love the top for Smelly! And as for the rug, I can only say that you are an enabler....as I now have to make one too!


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