stormy weather.

jake's family lives on a small farm in washington and we love to spend time there.
this weekend we had plans to go and have a calm, relaxing few days together, just take 
it easy because a few of us were feeling a little under the weather...

speaking of weather, ours has been on the erratic side of care recently and we woke up sunday
to impressively strong winds. watching the trees move was kind of exciting at first and then
unsettling once you realized just how much and how fast they were moving.
an hour or so into watching the wind, jake went outside to bring up some wood for the stove
when he saw that one of the giant locust trees in the backyard had fallen over on top of 
the chicken coup. this is the part where our calm relaxing day turns into a lot of hard work
and a house full of exhausted people. so, not exactly what we'd all had in mind, but
it was still a pretty great day, no people or animals were harmed and the damage to the coup 
is so much less than it could have been if the tree had fallen a few inches differently than it did.

as far as falling trees go, we got pretty lucky.
and in the next week or two, we've got a LOT of wood to cut and stack!


  1. Wow! That could have been a disaster! How lucky to have no injuries AND a cord of wood for burning!!


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