daily photo:

my beautiful smelly cat. she has style far beyond her 5 years.

i'm slacking a bit in the daily photo department...
life gets hectic, and you find yourself spending all your free
time on the telephone with banks and real estate agents, getting nowhere.
it's not fun, don't do it.

i visited my uncles yesterday. they purchased a new camera and some lenses
which prompted us to plan an all day photography date extravaganza.
i think i'll be back on track after that.


  1. Did she dye the bottom of her hair turquoise, or is it just the light? BEAUTIFUL hair! My daughter wants to dye hers pink, but I'm worried it will fade too quickly and look awful. So if Smelly Cat did dye hers, what kind of dye did you use? :)

  2. She did! I was putting some turquoise back into my hair the other night and the girls wanted to do it too. we used manic panic, it's a vegan, semi-permanent that i have used before in the past and been pretty happy with.

  3. Cool! I used to use manic panic "back in the day" (my favorite was "poppy"), I'll have to try it on my girly. Smelly's hair looks awesome!


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