hedgehogs, a new love.

i keep seeing them everywhere i look, here are a few of my favorite etsy finds.

i think a new collection may be in my future... i hope owls and hedgehogs play well together.

the real ones are good too.
my best friend {at my third school} in the 7th grade had a pet hedgehog, he was the sweetest thing.
i had another friend when i was in high school who also had a pet hedgehog.
he liked to climb up your pant leg to cuddle, it was pretty adorable.
i wonder how the kitties would feel about a funny little prickly thing running around the house... 

{click on images for source}


  1. Now you have me wanting a wee little one....I suspect I need to get one that will sit on the desk first....

  2. CUTE! Love them all! CUTE! Yes get a hedgehog!!!!


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