turn and face the strange.

i like change.
or at least i used to,
before it got mean and started pushing me around.
leaving me feeling listless and damaged.

i am experiencing an overload of significant life changes, most of which don't feel particularly exciting or adventurous. i wish i could say that i am handling it all very gracefully. i wish there weren't so many things taking longer and weighing much heavier than i was prepared for.

this morning my mama told me "you're just pushing a lot of shit uphill right now" (which feels very accurate) "but you're strong, and you'll make it to the top sooner than you think." (which made me feel a little better).

things will turn around, i am certain.
i'll get back to that girl who loves change.

maybe i'm not as far from it as i think.
i embraced a little change today...
i changed my last name.

hello. my name is sarah marin moore,
and i am growing up.


  1. My mum always says "Eat your elephant one bite at a time"

    Congrats on one of your bites!

    Good luck with each one from here on xo

  2. I will help you...i have pushed alot of shit uphill! I'm pretty strong because of it!! You can lean on me!! Love, your mama!!

  3. I wish I had a mommy that said something once in my lifetime even remotely close to that. Anyhow, she even made a stranger feel empowered today. Hugs to you, Ms. Marin Moore

  4. Pushing shit up hill... lol! love your momma Mon!

    Yep, pushing shit up hill stinks to hog heaven... but once you're up and look back at the shit falling back behind you it's such a powerful feeling. You are a strong and beautiful woman... and even though it feels stuck and broken sometimes... I see you growing beautiful things in the midst of the shit storm... and THAT is something to be proud of ms.moore!

  5. Dear Anonymous...if you were my daughter, I would tell you how fabulous you are, I would grab you by the face and kiss you right on the forehead and tell you how proud I am of you!! Now, consider yourself my daughter for a day, and make your mama proud!! <3

  6. Mom- I'm so glad I checked back on this post. I consider myself LUCKY today, you are too sweet. I'll make you proud!

  7. Anonymous- you already did!! Love, Mom.


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