this is recycled silk/wool that has been stashed away for years, waiting for me
to knit it into the perfect sweater. i am equal parts excited and nervous to be using it.

i have always been an impulsive, experimental, impatient knitter. not terribly good at following detailed instructions (this applies to my life in general, not just knitting). not terribly good at reading everything there is to read and knowing everything there is to know about knitting. not terribly good at sticking with one thing until it's done, before starting another and another. and not terribly good at knitting test swatches (you could see how these pretty much go against my whole knitter personality, right?!).

so here you can see, i have knit a test swatch. it's not the actual first-ever swatch, but close. and i knit the swatch because this sweater i'm about to begin (as well as many other things in my life as of late) has me feeling all different sorts of indecisive and hesitant and completely thrown off my game. it's rather frustrating in fact. and what's worse is it's really not helping me get things back on track.

p.s. i thought/said the word "swatch" enough times during the construction of this post that i began to question whether or not it was a real word. i looked it up in the dictionary and i googled it in relation to knitting, just to make sure.


  1. you remind me of a rainbow.

    ....you were probably one in your past life!

  2. my heart just did a cartwheel.

  3. I'm not a swatch maker either... I know this is frowned upon by the knitting community at large. I feel like it's easier to become really good at blocking instead...

  4. michelle, i like the way you think! now, if only i was an especially skilled block-er... guess i'll have to work on that.


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