one of the 37 billion things i love about portland

{37th & hawthorne outside the bagdad}


  1. This would absolutely make my day if I stumbled upon it. Oh Portland, you are just too much!

  2. Oh I so enjoyed visiting Portland back in 2008. I especially loved Hawthorne Blvd. What with the Bagdad Theatre and Pub to visit and Powell Books right across the street. I fell in love instantly!
    Have considered leaving Southern California many a time, to re-locate up there. I can easily understand why you have over 37 Billion things you love about Portland. I was only there for three days and came away wanting to live there forever! Great Photo! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. i had been looking at photos of the 'portland ponies' a couple of weeks ago and marveling at them... just another reason i need to visit this city!

  4. you do need to visit this city!!!


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