summer loves

the number 14, it's a good one.

natural curls.

naps in the sun on hand-made quilts.

holding hands {this is one of my all-the-time loves}


  1. Can you believe the summer is almost over?!


    Good to see you're enjoying what's left.

    Hey, did you find yourself a quilt?

  2. i can't believe it, i'm not ready for it!!

    i did, i was going to tell you :) the mister and i went thrifting and found this spectacular queen sized vintage hand-made quilt at the dusty tiger in sellwood for $25!! we couldn't pass it up, it's exactly what i wanted and i've never seen one like it for less than $100. but i have to say, i'm still on the hunt for more!!

  3. awesome!! And i agree, you can't have too many quilts!


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