things we found on our walk tonight...

... the most beautiful flower in the history of flowers,

and this other flower that is made from tiny drops of sun and makes you shrink if you eat it,

and the place where all the bad tractors get locked up,

and dirt that turns into magic dust but only real princesses can do it,

and succulents that used to be roses when they were babies
but now that they're grown up they look like this,

and this terribly prickly creature that grows to 17 feet tall after the sun goes down,
we didn't wait around to see it for ourselves, too risky.

oh, we did see one more thing that i didn't get a photo of... we walked right past the queen's house. did you know portland has a queen? it does. evidently all the states do and ours lives in portland. her name is lisa. lisa the queen of portland and she lives between my house and trader joe's. sweet d had lunch with her just the other day. they talked about regular stuff and queen stuff and portland stuff. she's totally nice, recycles and didn't waste any of her lunch. maybe someday i'll get to meet her.

imagination rules.


  1. I second you about the most beautiful flower in the history of flowers! Wow! super beautiful!

    Long live Portland's queen! :)

  2. Oh my gosh so cute! Ha ha ha I DIDN'T know Portland has a queen, but so glad you told us. Imagination rocks, for sure! I always had the most wonderful times being a kid because of that genius, the imagination. Elves and talking rabbits and secret doors in trees...
    Better than video games, that's what I say!

  3. ooohhh... magical....

    portland fairies practicing magic is my favorite.

    Happy July! (Can you believe it??)

  4. Im speechless....and you know that hardly ever happens to me!!

    (BTW, my imagination put little tiny female bodies with long vivid purple, or lime green or terra cotta braided hair on every single dragonfly i ever laid eyes on...i called them "pixies"...I still have at least a dozen of them in my secret garden...they wont leave me!!)

  5. it's July??? oh boy, i didn't see that coming... i really gotta start paying closer attention to the time ;)

  6. those flowers are so unbelievable!


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