falling in love all over again...

... with knitting {something new, coming along slowly but quite nicely}

and this show {you can stream the series on netflix if you're a netflix-er}


  1. Gosh I need to fall in love with knitting again. I haven't worked on anything just for myself in what seems like forever! Yours looks pretty!


  2. AHH i just got rid of my netflix.. dang it! haha!

    i really need to learn how to knit! is that going to be a scarf? cause its gorgeous!

  3. The yarn looks scrumptious....what is it?

  4. I agree...that yarn does look amazing. Is this going to be a new pattern for the store? I've been wondering if anything new would be coming out!

  5. the yarn is blue sky alpacas skinny dyed, it is quite scrumptious and 100% organically grown cotton!!

    this will be a new pattern for the store, i'm very excited about it. it's been far too long since i've released anything, due to a lot of major changes in my life over the last year+. i'm knitting away as fast as my little fingers can manage, hopefully it wont be much longer before it's ready.


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