dear mosquitos,

you are the worst. the actual worst.
you ruined our movie in the park.
you bit through our clothes and defenses.
i'm pretty sure that is against the rules.
we are covered in aggravated red bumps of all shapes and sizes.
on our feet and hands and shoulders and FACES. faces are off limits.
we've been itching for days and there's no relief.
you don't play fair. you pick on children. you are not appreciated.
i have considered procuring enough bats to cure portland of your evil.

you've been warned.

1 comment:

  1. I have red bumps covering one foot and ankle from effing mosquitoes! And I'm allergic to them, so I can't even TOUCH the bites (or let fabric touch them, etc.) or my whole foot will swell up like an elephant foot. Bring on the bats. I love bats.


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