sunny sunday afternoon

hanging out with jesse while the nephews run through the sprinklers.
knitting something I'm very excited to finish.
enjoying one of my favorite beers.
soaking in all the vitamin d I can.
missing two someones.
wishing some things were different.
so glad it's summer.


  1. Hard to beat knitting and beer....just finished up the sugar tank myself Saturday while drinking Dunkel Weisse and Hop Hound after big hamburgers...perfection even when we are missing those someones special

  2. so glad to be one of the "someones" your missing, so sad to be missing you too! Sounds like such a perfect way to spend a quiet sunday evening...I love your face, "Momma"

  3. i feel ya on the missing someones stuff... and on the wishing things were different stuff.

    FABULOUS sweater your knitting... love it.

    and good beer... somehow a cold brew on a sunny day puts things in perspective. Hope you're well.

  4. ahh summer.. the good life!!
    knitting and beer and sprinklers! HOW WONDERFUL!!
    this is way too great!


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