oh, easter is this sunday?!!

this was new information to me when the squirrels came home this past sunday chirping all about it excitedly. i was quite certain it was the sweet treats that had them on pins and needles, but i was quickly reassured that what they wanted more than just about anything in the world was to paint and dye hard-boiled eggs. 

better get to it.

we like to use teas, fruits and veggies for the dye, renders the most beautiful colors over brown eggs, and i was thinking about using blown out eggs this year, utilizing the eggs for a quiche or scramble. last year we learned that none of us are terribly fond of the hard boiled variety.

spoonful is having a bunny drawing contest if you like bunnies and drawing you should enter. this drawing is one i did recently as 'thank you' gift to someone i appreciate an awful lot.

this sunday is also the 2nd birthday of our resident bunny, Otto. isn't he a handsome fella?!


  1. hee hee...
    cute bunny, cute drawing!

    easter is this sunday? oh crap.

  2. ohcute cute cute!!! We're SUPER pleased you've entered, your drawing is magic!!!
    We're judging this weekend, very exciting!

    Good luck!




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