music monday presents...

... dead man's bones. a band started by ryan gosling (yes, that ryan gosling) and his friend zach shieldsclick the music player on the sidebar to hear the track "my body's a zombie for you" do it now, so you can listen while you read. or later, if you'd rather. just don't forget.

here's what i can tell you about dead man's bones:

they collaborated with the silverlake conservatory children's choir on the entire album. this makes my heart go all a flutter.

ryan gosling can sing. holy cuss he can sing. is there anything he can't do? i've even seen him salsa. well.

this is not a generic, celebrity, i'm gonna start a band because i'm famous, band. it's thoughtful, well made, unique and charming. it makes me smile, hard. listening to it today i actually said out loud "i think it's restoring my faith in humanity a little bit." plus, there's a little doo wop in there and i've got such a soft spot for that.

and, you'll hear wonderfully composed songs about monsters and ghosts falling in love. heart.

another absurdly talented actor who's music (and films) is/are most certainly worth checking out:
jason schwartzman. love. him. his band is called coconut records and it's a treat for the ears.

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  1. thank you! thank you!! for bringing this band to my attention.. i have no idea what it is about my body's a zombie for you.. but watching the video of those kids on stage rehearsing brought some freaky tears to my eyes. crazy! simple and oddly moving, i love it.


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