i don't have a television, and that's never been a problem for me. i love to watch movies and catch the occasional show on my computer while i'm trying to fall asleep at night, this suits me well. but right now, i can't stop trying to come up with ways to get a tv and cable service in the next 24 hours just so that i can watch this new Life series on the discovery channel. it premiers sunday and i want to watch it. cuss!


  1. Too bad! I know what you mean; usually not having a TV is fine, but there are occasions when it's painful!

  2. I'm excited for that one! To be fair, though, it's not exactly new; the series premiered outside of the US a year ago ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life_(BBC_TV_series) ). They did the same thing with Planet Earth- delayed the US premier for a year (and got a different narrator, for some odd reason- apparently distinguished British naturalists are not good for American audiences).

    I mention this because the non-US version has already been released on DVD and Blu-Ray, should you have access to a Region 2 or Region-Free player.

  3. Hey Sarah,
    I'm getting rid of my tv today actually (I'm moving soon). I was going to take it to Goodwill, but you could have it if you want. It just a little 13" tv, but you could watch Life or movies on it, and stick it in a closet or get rid of it when you are done. Call me if you want it.

    Kate Perry


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