music monday

i used to post about music a lot. what i'm loving, not loving, can't stop listening to, just discovered and want to share, shows i see... this is something i'd like to start doing more of again.
i've always been that girl that people come to for music... it's been about 4 and a half years since i left my last "real job" as a graphic designer, and my old co-workers still occasionally email me to ask what they should be listening to. i've always kinda liked being that girl. this last year i got my very own someone to go to for new music and between the two of us there's more good music than there is time to enjoy it! so, i'm gonna start sharing again.
let's begin with two of my absolute favorites, that i am never not wanting to listen to. wilderness survival and cosmo speedway. two friends, two bands, a cuss-load of talent, 4 records each, 8 in total, all self made by the two of them. seriously. you can listen on myspace (ws cs) and their websites (linked above). the new records are crazy good, go listen. NOW! (album covers below)

a few days ago this blog review was posted on obscure sound, and subsequently a few wilderness survival tracks were posted at hype machine go check that out too, and click on the little heart for each song, this will get them more recognition :)!!!

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  1. LOVE both, so glad you posted them!! You have been my music "go to girl" forEVER!! Love your face....Mom-ica


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