clapotis redux

i knit my first clapotis when the pattern came out in knitty and everyone was knitting it. i hadn't done a lot of knitting from a pattern at that point, it wasn't something i was used to or very good at. but i really wanted to knit it. so i powered through and ended up with what has continued to be my very favorite scarf and a promise to never ever knit it again!
i'm usually a promise keeper... BUT this fall i was teaching a knitting class at sweet d's school and there was a lot of interest in having our first major project be that scarf. i was hesitant at first, remembering how many times i had to frog, how long it took me, how frustrating it was as a beginner... but then we started shopping for yarn. at one of my very favorite places to shop for yarn. and i walked away with 3 hanks of dream in color worsted in the most amazing color and a new found excitement to knit clapotis. we knit it. and it was good. we breezed right through it and now i have to split my time between my 2 most favorite scarves.


  1. Beautiful! Do you knit your clapotis to the pattern specks, or did you cast on fewer stitches for your scarf?

  2. thank you! the cast on is the same and i followed the pattern instructions for making a smaller (narrower) scarf/wrap. Where the pattern calls for, i think, 7 repeats of the increase rows (section 2) i did 5 instead, everything else is as written :)

  3. I love it! Glad your back blogging! Love your hair too! What color yarn is that? I am obsessed with yellow right now and must make one too!

  4. meredith-
    the color is called strange harvest, it has the most beautiful colors, i just want to knit everything with it!!!


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