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there is a family in our community that needs our support. 2 children, connor and tavvi, that go to school with my daughter are going through a very scary situation involving being taken from their loving home and separated from their siblings. Please click here to read their story, you can also click here for more information about connor, tavvi and their family! If you have any thoughts, ideas, resources, etc. please share!!!

this family needs all of the love and support we could give to them. connor and tavvi are amazing people, who deserve to stay with their family. we would miss them terribly if they were forced to leave.

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  1. These children are beautiful, and look amazing and precious...this is a heart breaking story, and proof that the system is flawed in the most horrible way. I dont know what to say or do, but I will put a link on my blog, and email the link to everyone I know. It breaks my heart to think that the ones taking the high road are being penalized while the ones who have failed their children are being given the benefit of the doubt, and the children have no voice. So sad. So wrong.


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