this is so cool!!!

So the oldest zephyrlet started school this year, and she goes to the coolest school in the whole wide world! It's called The Village Free School, it's located in SE Portland and it's not just an amazing place for delaney to learn and experience new things. It is a community filled with incredible individuals who have welcomed our family with open arms and friendly faces.

Saturday, 10/18/08 the school is hosting a benefit concert to raise money and it is going to be a kick ass show, Kimya Dawson is playing at my kids school - how sweet is that!!! I encourage anyone who can make it to come check it out, or follow some of the links here in this post and read a little bit about what an amazing place the village free school is. It's going to be a crazy fun day and it's for a really good cause.
You can buy tickets online:
adults 18-100 are $15.00, click here
kids 5-17 are $5.00, click here
kids under 5 are welcome and FREE!

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  1. Wow, that really is awesome! Have you read Kimya Dawson's livejournal? It's pretty adorable.


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