We want YOU...

...to join us in supporting breasts everywhere! If you live in the Portland area, or will be visiting the area on September 21st come walk with us in the Race for the Cure.
Click here to visit our team page, while you're there you can make a donation and/or join our team for the race!

If you can't join us in person please join us in spirit by making a donation using the Pink Zephyr button to the right of this post.

We are bursting with excitement at the thought of sharing this amazing experience with you!!

Happy Knitting & Happy Donating!
~zephyr gals

For those of you who might be wondering, that is us in the photo. please don't judge too harshly... we can't afford models. : )

UPDATE: Thank you to Monica Warnock, Cynthia Warnock, Jim Moore, Teresa Decker, Stephanie Steyer & Renee Williamson-Jones for their much appreciated donations!!! We're on our way!!!


  1. Mamma Mia! Look at that yarn!

    As the granddaughter of a two-time breast cancer survivor, I say, BRAVO! Good work, Ladies.

  2. Thank you Steph!

    ~z gals

  3. Wow look at those knotty girls. I love you guys! Good luck with all of your Zephyr adventures - especially those which cure cancer.

    Sarah - Be sure to kiss your husband as soon as you see him because he is a super cool guy. Not very many girls with yarn boobs have husbands as cool as him.


    Anonymous (yeah right)

  4. you girls are badass! that rocks......

  5. can't afford models, my tailfeather.

    i actually came here via twisted's blog, and honestly was going to rant about folks using models in great shape instead of real everyday "normal" (whatever THAT means) women.

    i stand/sit blushingly corrected.

  6. Hybrid Hopes - thanks for the comment! That's pretty funny... yep it's us... pink yarn boobs and all. : )


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