Juliet Ammendment!

There were 2 very minor errors in the second half of this pattern, nothing that will affect sizing or numbers, it might just throw you off a little:
Both Row B (of the lace set up section) and Row 5 (of the lace section) should start with a K3, slm... and then continue with row as is written. Easy Peasy!

To help those of you who have already purchased the pattern, and would like an updated copy – we have adjusted our downloads server to allow you all to download a second copy of the pattern... this copy will be the corrected one. For those of you who have yet to buy the pattern, the correct one is now available. We apologize for the inconvenience, if you experience any difficulty in this process please shoot us an email and we'll help you get it taken care of.

~z gals


  1. Love your desing...really lovelys...bye

  2. I have a question - on Row 5 of the lace pattern, after I K7, after the asterisk is YO, SKP, P1, K2tog, etc. Right after I would K7, my next stitch is a knit stitch, followed by a purl (I'm making the Small size.) So would I YO, then slip this knit stitch, then purl the next one, then pass the knit stitch over it? I guess I am confused b/c I thought SKP would always mean, slip the first stitch, then knit the next stitch, then slip it. Or am I supposed to knit that purl stitch even though it's a purl?

    rm090195 at gmail dot com or RobinM on Ravelry

  3. When I said slip it in the last part of my description, I meant slip it over.

  4. Hi Robin,
    It sounds like you must have knit a stitch when you should have purled it back on row 4. We suggest you rip back to the beginning of your lace portion and re-knit to correct that error. You can also CO to swatch the lace until you are more comfortable.

  5. Hope that helps Robin... feel free to email us if you have any further questions!!

  6. That does help very much. I must have not read the pattern as closely as I should have. I do admit I had gotten on a roll and wasn't looking at it much (as it seems intuitive what to do next.) I'll rip back those four rows.

    This is what is so great about having the designers online to help with questions. You gals are especially great about this. Thanks and have a great weekend!

  7. What a cute cardigan; can't wait to start this. Is the yardage the same for both the cropped and full length versions?
    I've made 2 Wicked sweaters and 3 Green Gables--your patterns are great!

  8. At the very beginning where the pattern says to CO and then PM is that all correct? If I follow those directions then the OPENING will be in the BACK of the vest? K 12 for back PM, K 10 PM, K 26 for FRONT PM, K10 PM, K12 for BACK.

    then the front will be closed?


  9. just bought your juliet pattern and i'm loving it so far. one question though - i'm making the xs size and i finished with the garter stitch section,and should have 102 stitches according to the pattern. then after row a of the lace section, how do i end up with 159 stitches? i get 165 - if you add 9 stitches at the front, 147 stitches from the 7-stitch pattern repeated 21 times, and then 9 stitches at the end. what am i not getting?

    thanks so much ~

  10. oops never mind :Z "between the markers" it's 159. sorry ;)

  11. Love the Juliet pattern so much, but frogged it three times now because -- I'm knitting every row (in the round,right?) in order to get my garter stitch at top; however, even though each row is Knit, it's producing stockinette! I've knit in the round many times before, but never to get garter stitch. My daughter thinks I'm to purl every other row to achieve garter stitch, but the beginning of the pattern does say Knit the first round, Knit the second, and repeat. What don't I understand? Am I to knit a row, then purl a row? I can't believe it's producing stockinette when I haven't purled a single stitch. Help please! And thank you. :)

  12. Hi nants,
    I think you may be joinng your stitches and working in the round. Is this true?

    The pattern does not instruct you to join your stitches because it is a cardigan worked in one piece (but not knit completely in the round). If it were knit in the round then yes.... you would have to knit one row and then purl the next, etc.

    But as long as you are following the pattern as written... knitting on the right side and wrong side every row (this is garter stitch) you'll do great!!

    Hope this helps, happy knitting,
    ~zephyr gals

  13. Hi, there is something I don't understand in the Juliet pattern. In the garter stitch section, shouldn't I be knitting all markers on row B, instead of slipping them? It seems I won't be able to get my arms through the armholes if the markers are slipped on every row!


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