We want you!

Happy Memorial Day (yesterday)
Here is a little taste of my weekend...

And here's the really interesting part of this post... we are looking for a few super cool knitters to work test-knits for our forthcoming patterns, one in particular... click here for a sneak-peak! If you are interested please contact us via email at knit@zephyrstyle.com and tell us a little bit about your knitting-self. You will be provided with the pattern and gifted a little surprise upon completion and feedback! We are excited to hear from you!
~zephyr gals


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  2. I happen to have nekkid needles and wouldst be happy to test-knit!
    Let me know!

  3. Beautiful! Just the kind of sweater I would love to knit for my daughter. You ARE very talented.

  4. I'm nowhere near speedy enough to be a dependable test knitter, but DANG, you two come up with some seriously cute designs! :)


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