More sneaky business...

To be available at Zephyr Style very soon. We're getting really excited to get both of these new patterns out. Thanks for all the interest... it gives us the boost we need to crack down and get these patterns out and on your needles. You all ROCK!

Merry Christmas - hope everyone is getting in to the spirit of the season. We sure are - and feeling the presure too! Seems there is never enough time get it all done. We wish you well in all your holiday rushing and hope you get the time to make some special memories.

Update: We have moved blogs. Same address but new place.


  1. testing testing 1 2 3...

  2. So pretty! You're killing me with these sneak peeks. :)

  3. Thanks Katinka! We posted the pattern specs at the website so you can get a better idea of what the sweaters look like and details about what teh pattern offers... go take a look!


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